Scale & Corrosion Inhibitors

Striving to maintain the correct water conditions is crucial for water systems to operate at optimum efficiency. In doing so, the unwanted accumulation of scale can be avoided as well as the devastating impact of corrosion on day-to-day operations.

scientific c31 scale and corrosion inhibitor
Scientific C31

A multiple effect product which has impressive stabilizing, sequestering and dispersing properties. A scale and corrosion inhibitor for water treatment applications, including potable water. A relatively small amount can treat a large amount of water – 5g of product per 1000Ɩ.

  • Application: Industrial, municipal and commercial
  • Simple application via an approved Lonza feeder system
  • Effective scale and corrosion inhibitor, aiding in the prevention of scale build-up
  • Can be used for water treatment applications, including potable water     
  • Product packaging size: 800g pouch
  • Product code: SCISILIPHOS  
  • 12 units supplied in a case

Scientific™ C31 TDS  

Lonza Scientific™ C31 SDS