Coagulants and Flocculants

Coagulation is the process by which colloidal particles are destabilized in order to form flocs through the process of flocculation, enabling them to be separated from the water. Through the application of the applicable product, destabilization is achieved. 

Flocculation is then the next step whereby individual destabilized colloidal particles are aided to collide with one another, allowing them to coagulate in order to form larger floc particles in the water. Such floc particles can then be removed via filtration or sludge pumps.

Barfloc™ FP Organic Coagulants

Barfloc™ FP organic coagulants are a superior range that is an effective alternative to organic salts. Based on a patented poly – quaternary ammonium compound, the product range is a remarkable evolution in water clarification. It can partially or totally replace the use of traditional products in the different stages of waste water treatment and domestic effluent applications where coagulation is needed.

The range has shown high efficiency and as FeCl³ or PAC usage can be significantly reduced through the addition of Barfloc™ FP products, an improved economic profile can be achieved in the following areas:

  • COD removal on primary and secondary sedimentation
  • Sludge dewatering improvement
  • Colour removal in textile industry
  • Phosphorous removal in combination with inorganic salts

Product tests have revealed a dose rate reduction of inorganic salts of up to 50%, positively assisting with the discharge profile of the effluent. A reduction of up to 30% of the sludge volume produced by inorganic salt compounds can also be observed.

Other benefits include:

  • A low alkaline form therefore limited consumption of the alkalinity of the effluent, and pH adjustment is therefore not needed
  • Good synergistic effect with acid inorganic salts for phosphorous in solution in biological stage
  • Liquid form therefore easy to dose and has an increased settling speed due to product chemistry
  • Non-hazardous therefore low risk product for operators and leaves no stains or odours
  • No effect to the conductivity of the water.

Barfloc™ FP organic coagulants are available in the following:

Barfloc™ FP2 Organic Coagulants (16% active ingredient)
Barfloc™ FP3 Organic Coagulants (22% active ingredient)
Barfloc™ FP5 Organic Coagulants (34% active ingredient)
Barfloc™ FP4 Organic Coagulants (36% active ingredient)

Barfloc™ FP Organic Coagulants TDS

Lonza Barfloc™ FP2 SDS

Lonza Barfloc™ FP3 SDS

Lonza Barfloc™ FP4 SDS

Lonza Barfloc™ FP5 SDS

hth sparkle it
HTH® Sparkle It 25Ɩ

Where suspended materials need to be cleared, use HTH® Sparkle It. An effective clarifier and flocculant that aids water filtration and is fast – acting due to product formulation and active ingredient characteristics. Suspended materials can be removed via filtration or sludge pumps.

  • Active Ingredient: Quaternary Amine Solution (10 -35%)
  • Product Packaging Size: 25Ɩ Polycan
  • Product Code: SCISPI25
  • Sold in units 

HTH® Sparkle It 25Ɩ TDS

Lonza HTH® Sparkle It SDS

hth xtreme flocc 200 liter
HTH® Xtreme Flocc 200Ɩ

Aluminium chlorohydrate is a group of specific aluminium salts having the general formula AlnCl(3n-m)(OH)m. Product has a high formulation of the active ingredient, therefore is effective at destabilizing and removing suspended materials.

  • Active Ingredient: Aluminium Chlorohydrate
  • Product Packaging Size: 200Ɩ Drum
  • Product Code: 200XTFL      
  • Sold in units

HTH® Xtreme Flocc 200Ɩ TDS

Lonza HTH® Xtreme Flocc SDS